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Paying For Assisted Living Senior Care In Boise

The cost of assisted living senior care in Boise can vary widely from facility to facility. When you are faced with using the services of assisted living senior care in Boise you want to make sure that you can cover these costs. The following are a few options available to you instead of paying out of your pocket.

1. Many retired veterans have benefits that may cover some or all of the costs of your parents living in an assisted living facility. You must contact the Veteran’s Administration to determine the qualifications.

2. Medicare is one of the most popular options for paying medical assistance. If your parents have Medicare Part A and B then you may have to find another option if you anticipate their staying being long term.

3. If your family member qualifies they may be able to benefit from Medicaid. In order to qualify for Medicaid there are some income restrictions imposed. You must contact your local office to ensure that your parents aren’t above the threshold.

4. You may also find that your local area provides housing through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development or Section 8. It is likely that your parents will have to meet income restrictions in order to take advantage of these programs.

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