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What I Learned From Taking Women Business Owner Workshops

Although I have dreamed of going into business for myself ever since I graduated from college several decades ago, I was always afraid that I would fail if I started a home business and that I would lose my home as a result. Having three children makes having a secure job with a large corporation extremely attractive, so I played it safe for a number of years and stuck with my corporate job. After the children grew up and moved away, however, I starting attending women business owner workshops as a way of exploring whether my lifelong dream of starting my own business was still a viable option for me.

I learned a lot from attending the women business owner workshops, and they also provided me with the motivation that I needed to finally work on my dream of starting my own business. That was three years ago, and I have since quit my corporate job and gone out on my own. It has definitely been a good experience, and I am glad that I took the time to gain as much information about going into business as possible before I actually took the plunge. I believe that being prepared has been instrumental in my success.

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