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Moving Storage For The Home That’s Not Quite Ready In Chicago

I was really excited about moving into a new apartment with my girlfriend. We had picked a place together, and it was scheduled to be available and ready at the beginning of the following month. I put in notice with my landlord that I was leaving, and he was already showing my apartment the following week. I thought everything was coming together beautifully, until I got a call from my girlfriend. She told me the apartment wasn’t going to be ready for another week. It needed some sort of repair, and we were going to have to wait.

I went to ask my landlord if he could let me stay an extra week, but he told me my apartment was already promised to someone else. I would be causing the same headache for my landlord and the new tenant if I didn’t move out on time. I decided to use a Chicago moving storage company, Midwest Moving & Storage Inc. I could load all of my belongings into one of the Chicago moving storage container, and then they would hold it at their storage area until I scheduled a delivery at my new residence.

My girlfriend was able to stay in her apartment the extra week, so I stayed with her until the new move date. The beauty of the moving storage is that I only had to load the storage container once and unload it once. I didn’t have to double my work by moving it into a regular storage unit while I waited.

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