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We Used A Pittsford NY Major Appliance Repairs And Service Company

Our washing machine wasn’t working properly and had been jumping all around and making some loud banging noises. One day it bounced so much and was halfway across the laundry room before I turned it off. It was damaging my floor from the jumping and it needed to be repaired. I called a Pittsford NY major appliance repairs and service company to see if they could possibly repair the washing machine. The Pittsford NY major appliance repairs and service company sent a service technician out to the house the following day.

The service technician arrived and we showed him to our laundry room. He looked at the washing machine and started taking apart the top of the washer. He had the drum exposed and said that we had a few screws missing for the drum. He said the missing screws was why it was making banging noises. He replaced the screws into the drum for us. Then he said that the washer probably jumped all around because I was over-loading it with too many clothes. He showed me what a full load should look like for my washing machine and he was right, I had been really over-loading it. We put in a load and it didn’t bang around and didn’t jump at all. The service technician did a great job and we appreciated his help.

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