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Homeowners Insurance In Longmont CO Protects The Family

I was so proud the day that my son went to college. My husband and I drove him to his school, and we helped him to bring all his belongings to his dorm room. He brought his own television and video game console, and I just hoped he didn’t use them too much. He also had a laptop for school and a really nice camera.

Someone that was not very nice stole all of his expensive electronics about two weeks into school. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when my son called me to tell me about it. I was glad that our Longmont CO homeowners insurance offers coverage to my son while he is living in a dormitory for school. That meant we were able to make a claim on his stolen goods, and the insurance company sent us a check to help replace all his lost belongings.

Without the Longmont CO homeowners insurance, my son would have been out several thousands of dollars worth of electronics. I am glad that we were able to recover that financial loss, but I was able to persuade my son to use a less flashy television and leave his new game console at home.


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