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My Grandmother Decided To Plan Her Funeral In Mesa Az After She Found Out That She Had Cancer

When my grandmother found out that she had cancer, the first thing that she did was start planning her funeral in Mesa AZ. She said that she was going to fight to try to beat the cancer, but that she did not want her family to have to plan her funeral for her too. She took the time to find a funeral home that she liked. She wanted to be sure that her service be held in a place where there was plenty of room for the family to be comfortable, while they paid their final respects. She found one that had beautiful stained glass in the windows and quickly decided that was the location where she wanted her funeral in Mesa AZ.

Next, she took the time to choose what music she wanted to have played and what she wanted to wear. She said that she wanted to make sure that she had an outfit that made her feel pretty. I took the time to help her find the right outfit for the service. In the end, she was able to beat the cancer, but planning her funeral allowed her to feel like she was in control of the situation, which was nice. For more information, visit

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