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Knowing What Type Of Glass You Need For Your Windshield Repair In Portland OR

Most people will have to have some type of windshield repair in Portland OR at some point in their driving career. No matter how they attempt to be, there always seems to be a rock or thrown debris that will find its way to the windshield. Depending on how big the chip or crack in the windshield is you will be advised to have the windshield repaired or have the windshield replaced. If you are able to simply have it repaired and have decent auto insurance this is usually covered under your auto policy. You may have a small deductible to have it done, but many companies will cover it for free.

If you are unable to have your windshield repair in Portland OR done due to the size of the crack or chip, you will be looking at having the entire windshield replaced. Prior to having this done, you will need to know that there are three types of glass that the repair company, like Speedy Glass – Portland, may try to use. While all three of them will fit your vehicle some are better than others. The best type of glass is auto dealer glass. This is the windshield that was created by the manufacturer of your vehicle for use in your vehicle. OEM glass were made to your vehicles specifications but is made by someone else. Aftermarket glass is made by companies who do not always use the same specifications that was designed for your car. It can actually impinge the safety of your vehicle.

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