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Think You Have Termites? Three Tell-Tale Signs

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Termites: It’s no doubt that you have heard of them before, especially if you live in a warm, moist climate. These pests are notorious for their destruction and thrive in environments that are warm, moist and where there is easy access to dead or decaying wood. Though they may be small in size, they have the ability to cause an extensive amount of damage. In fact, it’s estimated that termites destroy 600,000 homes in the United States, and it costs Americans approximately $5 billion to repair the damage caused by these pests each year. The best defense is a good offense. Knowing the signs of termite infestation can allow you to identify the problem and have it treated before extensive damage is done.


Spring season is swarming season. If you see a large swarm of winged insects on your property or in your home, there’s a good chance that you have termites.

These pests swarm as a way to reproduce their colonies. They emerge from their subterranean homes in order to do so, which results in a large swarm. If you do see a swarm, take a closer look to make sure that they are, in fact, termites. Flying ants and termites are often confused. Each have different characteristics:


  • A straight waist
  • Straight antenna
  • Two wings on either side of their bodies which are equal in size

Flying Ants

  • A smaller waist and larger bottom
  • Antenna that is bent
  • Two wings on either side of the body that are unequal in size

Mud Tubes

Take a look at the exterior of your foundation, your crawlspace and around pipes. Do you see the presence of mud tubes? If so, it’s likely you have a termite infestation. These insects build mud tubes in order to pass from their underground homes to their source of food. Made of soil and wood, these tubes are about the thickness of a pencil or a straw, and are a sure sign that termites have taken up residence in your home. 

Wood Damage

An obvious sign of a termite infestation is damaged wood. Since their main food source is wood, it makes sense that they will damage the wood in your home, and that damage can be visible.

Common places to look include your floors, walls, windowsills and floor joists. Signs of damage include:

  • Pitting: As termites eat wood, they leave behind small holes, or pits. These holes are usually found in clusters, and they are sure sign of a termite problem. 
  • Sagging: Wood is weakened as termites eat through it. As a result, the wood starts to sag. Take a step back and look at your floors and windowsills. If they are sagging in the middle: there’s a good chance you have a termite infestation.
  • A hollow sound: To detect a hollow sound, tap on the wood. A dull thud is an indicator that you have termites.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, call a pest control company such as State Pest Control Inc as soon as possible. A professional will be able to positively identify if a problem does exist, treat the problem, and prevent it from returning. 

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3 Beneficial Items To Use When Moving Personal Belongings Into Self-Storage Units

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If you are going to be using self-storage units for your personal items, you are going to need specialized equipment. Thanks to these items, moving stuff into a self-storage unit will go as smoothly as possible.

Foldable Hand Cart with Nose Extension

Moving boxes or crates by hand can be a physically demanding task, but it doesn’t have to be if you utilize a foldable hand cart with a nose extension. These hand carts are often constructed from steel, giving them a durable design to help them carry heavy loads at one time.

Most of these carts feature an extended nose face-plate, so you can carry bigger items and not have to worry about them slipping and falling off the hand cart. Thanks to shock-absorbing rubber wheels, moving this hand cart over different terrains isn’t hard at all. And, when you are done using it for the day, it folds up so you can save space.

Work Boots with Steel Toe

Some items you are going to be moving into the self-storage unit may be extremely heavy. Items like furniture or big electronics could slip out of your hands and onto your feet. Fortunately, you can protect your feet from heavy objects if you wear work boots with a steel toe. The steel toe will absorb and lessen the impact of heavy objects, saving you from severe toe/foot injuries.

If you are looking for work boots that will last, you can select ones made from waterproof leather. Even if water gets on them, they will wick it away to keep your feet completely dry in all weather conditions. Also, you may want to select work boots with a rubber outsole, as these boots are slip-resistant.

Zigzag Moving Blankets

When moving items into self-storage units, sometimes the items may bump against things, causing them to chip or scratch. You don’t have to worry about this happening as much thanks to zigzag moving blankets.

After these blankets are wrapped around an object, they will absorb any impacts because they have heavy-duty stitching in a zigzag pattern. In turn, items will not easily scratch or dent. These blankets come in a wide variety of sizes, and they can even be used to shield your items from dust and dirt once inside the storage unit.

Self-storage units give you adequate protection and space for your personal belongings. In order to move items into these units in a safe, efficient manner, you can utilize these items. Visit for information about storage facilities near you.

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How To Predict Medical Expenses For Your Monthly Budget

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Medical bills are an inevitable part of life, but they don’t have to be the leak that sinks your financial boat. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a routine procedure, you can plan for some or all of the expenses in your monthly budget.

Establish a medical emergency fund

No one can predict when the next emergency will strike. The smart thing, then, is to always be prepared whenever possible. Budget a percentage of your income specifically for medical emergencies. This is completely apart from any household emergency savings or other medical expenses you may put into the budget and can only be used for emergency medical issues. It may not cover all of the expenses for a particularly expensive emergency, but at least you’re prepared with some financing if things go bad.

Determine how much insurance and deductible will be for the year

A lot of people budget for their health insurance payments and then discover that they still can’t handle medical bills because they don’t have the money for a deductible. Instead, take the amount of your deductible and divide it by 12, then add that number to your normal insurance payment–this is how much you need to budget for insurance every month.

Plan for known exams

If you know you have certain medical bills every year, such as a regular health exam or screening, then plan for it ahead of time. Call your insurance company to find out what is covered for each appointment, what your copay should be for each, and any other factors that could add to the out-of-pocket price tag. Add together the expenses for all planned appointments, and divide that by 12 to get your monthly budget amount.

Try to get estimates before elective procedures

If you’re planning to go in for a non-emergency procedure, call the medical billing department for your doctor(s) or your local hospital. Explain which procedure will be done, and ask for a price estimate. Make sure they know whether you’re paying with health insurance or cash out of pocket, because the method may impact how much you’re charged. Note that this amount may change based on the exact materials and time required for the procedure, but the estimate will offer a good thumbnail so you can start saving.

Ask about payment preferences

Lump payments are great when you can do them, but they’re often difficult to work into your budget. Some healthcare providers allow payment plans so that you can turn it into monthly payments after the procedure. Others require either cash or valid insurance at the time of service. Still others may offer both options, but might give a discount for lump sum payments. Find out the available terms for your payments, and then determine which one fits best into your personal plan.

No matter how tight or generous your income may be, keeping a budget is critical to overall financial health. Take the time to work with the medical billing office, like Mountain View Billing Services, your insurance company, and your healthcare providers to get the best possible prediction for your future healthcare expenses. With vigilant planning, medical issues are one less expense that can take you by surprise.

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Keeping Your Workspace Productive

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One of the great things about having your own office space is the ability to personalize it. However, there’s the right way, and the wrong way. Decorating your workspace the wrong way can actually have negative effects on your productivity. Here are a few key tips on how to keep you and your boss happy.

Keep family photos to a minimum

This may sound a little odd to some people but family photos can greatly impact work efficiency. It’s great to have a couple photos, either for motivation or to keep you feeling cheery. However, crowding your office with photos can also leave you feeling depressed.

The reason behind this is simple. If you’re working 12 hour shifts, being surrounded by photos can remind you what you’re missing out on. You’ll begin to worry that you’re working too much, or letting your family down. Essentially, you’ll lose all motivation to keep working.

The easy fix for this situation is to only keep a maximum of two photos. These two photos should reflect fond or funny memories. Remembering the good times you have with your family, or friends, can help put you in a better mood and remind you that you’re working hard in order to provide these memories.

Don’t crowd your workspace

Knick-knacks, plants and photos are cute, but they can also crowd your workspace. Too many distractions can really impact your productivity. For example, if you have a report with a tight deadline, your boss probably doesn’t want to catch you playing with a rubik’s cube.

Another good reason to keep your office decorations on the minimal side is the importance of impressing potential clients. If you’re having an important meeting, you want to make a good impression. The first thing the client will see is your office. The way your office looks will reflect on the entire business.

You don’t have to get rid of all knick-knacks. However, keep the decorations minimal. A well-placed houseplant in the window, a photo of your family on the desk, and maybe a unique souvenir from your last vacation will give your office personality and functionality.

Keep it clean

One of the biggest distractions at work is looking at a mess. Even a slightly dusty desk can be extremely distracting. It’s very tempting for an employee to put off their work to dust and clean everything. This is definitely not a good idea if you have deadlines to meet.

If you’re one of those people who basically can’t work because of a small mess, there’s a solution. Simply get into the habit of coming in early to tidy up, or do a quick clean before you go home. Your boss will certainly appreciate your tidiness, and you’ll appreciate one less distraction.

Remembering these key tips will help you boost your work efficiency. Furthermore, increasing your productivity will please you and your boss, making for an all-around happy workplace. For more information on work space ideas, talk to companies like Source Office Suites.

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Three Compelling Reasons To Use A Corporate Moving Service

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Moving your family from one state to another can be a challenge. Hiring a moving company is just one part of the process. Fortunately, a corporate moving service can help you manage the challenges of selling your existing home and purchasing a house in your new location, hiring a moving company, and getting your bearings in the new city. 

Connections with Real Estate Professionals

If you are a business executive, there is a good chance that you will be asked to move with very little notice. This can present real problems concerning the sale of your house and the purchase of a new home. When you contact a corporate moving service, like one at, they will assign you a consultant to assess your short-term and long-term real estate needs.

You will then be referred to a real estate agent in your current and new cities to coordinate your housing needs. You can expect these real estate professionals to be aggressive with regards to selling your current home and finding a new place to live.

Making a wise real estate purchase includes legal matters that require the oversight of an attorney. The corporate team will also provide you with the names of experienced and trusted real estate attorneys in your new city.

A Network of the Most Reliable and Reputable Moving Companies

Vetting a long list of moving companies requires a lot of time, and in the end, you still might feel unsure about the reliability of the team you hire. Your corporate moving company will provide you with references and recommendations for the best movers in the business. You won’t need to waste a lot of time and emotional energy wondering about your choice. You will also be matched with movers that fit your budget.

Knowledge of Your New City

One of the most challenging aspects of relocating is becoming acclimated to your new city. A corporate moving service will connect you with real estate professionals in the new location who have first-hand knowledge about schools, doctors and dentists, and local attractions. You will also have the benefit of someone who can acclimate you to your new city by taking you on orientation tours of the area. 

There are fees associated with corporate relocation. However, the price you will pay for these services will be more than compensated by the peace of mind you will enjoy. You will be assured of working with the best professionals in the business without expending a lot of time or mental energy trying to find resources to fit your needs. Making the decision today to work with a corporate relocation company will yield benefits for many years to come.

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