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3 Beneficial Items To Use When Moving Personal Belongings Into Self-Storage Units

If you are going to be using self-storage units for your personal items, you are going to need specialized equipment. Thanks to these items, moving stuff into a self-storage unit will go as smoothly as possible.

Foldable Hand Cart with Nose Extension

Moving boxes or crates by hand can be a physically demanding task, but it doesn’t have to be if you utilize a foldable hand cart with a nose extension. These hand carts are often constructed from steel, giving them a durable design to help them carry heavy loads at one time.

Most of these carts feature an extended nose face-plate, so you can carry bigger items and not have to worry about them slipping and falling off the hand cart. Thanks to shock-absorbing rubber wheels, moving this hand cart over different terrains isn’t hard at all. And, when you are done using it for the day, it folds up so you can save space.

Work Boots with Steel Toe

Some items you are going to be moving into the self-storage unit may be extremely heavy. Items like furniture or big electronics could slip out of your hands and onto your feet. Fortunately, you can protect your feet from heavy objects if you wear work boots with a steel toe. The steel toe will absorb and lessen the impact of heavy objects, saving you from severe toe/foot injuries.

If you are looking for work boots that will last, you can select ones made from waterproof leather. Even if water gets on them, they will wick it away to keep your feet completely dry in all weather conditions. Also, you may want to select work boots with a rubber outsole, as these boots are slip-resistant.

Zigzag Moving Blankets

When moving items into self-storage units, sometimes the items may bump against things, causing them to chip or scratch. You don’t have to worry about this happening as much thanks to zigzag moving blankets.

After these blankets are wrapped around an object, they will absorb any impacts because they have heavy-duty stitching in a zigzag pattern. In turn, items will not easily scratch or dent. These blankets come in a wide variety of sizes, and they can even be used to shield your items from dust and dirt once inside the storage unit.

Self-storage units give you adequate protection and space for your personal belongings. In order to move items into these units in a safe, efficient manner, you can utilize these items. Visit for information about storage facilities near you.

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