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How To Keep Mold From Returning To Your Newly Remediated Bathroom

You’ve finally had the mold cleared out from your bathroom, and you’re enjoying you new, mold-free space. In order to keep it that way, you’re going to need to be careful. Mold loves moisture, which is obviously easy to come by in bathrooms. In order to keep the mold from coming back, follow these tips.

Tip #1: Always run the fan or vent after showering.

This is a huge first step towards preventing the mold from coming back. The faster you clear the steam and moisture out of your bathroom after showering, the less of an opportunity mold will have to grow. If you have trouble getting your kids to switch the fan on after showering, consider posting a sign on the inside of your bathroom door that reads, “Don’t leave until you turn the fan on!”

Tip #2: Spray your shower after every use.

Visit your local grocery or home goods store, and look for an after-shower, daily spray cleaner. These sprays are intended to be spritzed on your shower walls after every use. Using one will help keep soap scum, which is sticky and can attract mold spores, to a minimum.

Tip #3: Keep caulk in good shape.

Peeling caulk is a breeding ground for mold. The spores can get stuck in the jagged little edges of the caulk, and before you know it, mold is growing behind and underneath your tub or sink. As soon as you spot a little bit of caulk damage, take the time to repair it. Remember to let the caulk dry completely before using your shower again, or otherwise moisture may get beneath it and contribute to mold growth.

Tip #4: Vacuum and dust regularly.

Dust often contains mold spores, so it’s important to keep dust out of your bathroom. Dust off your surfaces and vacuum the floor once per week to keep dust at bay.

Tip #5: Hang your wet towels somewhere other than inside the bathroom.

Your bathroom is already such a moist place, that it’s silly to add even more moisture to the air by letting your wet towels dry in there. Find a well ventilated place, such as a wide-open bedroom, or even in front of the mud room window, to hang them. The air in these areas is dryer, so your towels will dry faster and won’t contribute to mold growth.

If you’ve experienced mold in the bathroom before, it’s likely because you were not careful enough about controlling the moisture levels. Luckily, once your room has been remediated and is free of mold, keeping it away should be as simple as following the steps above. Talk to businesses like ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning Services for more information.

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