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3 Things To Do With Your Orts

Orts are the leftover bits of thread you have after completing an embroidery project. Some people refer to them as tails or ends. If you’ve been tossing out your orts because you don’t think there’s anything you can do with them, think again. Here are three ways to make use of your orts.

Christmas Ornaments

After collecting the orts from various projects, you’ll have multi-colored collection of string that can be quite beautiful if displayed properly. Christmas ornaments make beautiful displays. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to your local hobby shop and purchase clear Christmas ornaments.
  • Grab the orts you have collected over the year and mix them with a bit of sparkly tinsel.
  • Unscrew the metal tip from the ornament and stuff the inside with the orts and tinsel.

When the lights from the Christmas tree hit your ort ornament, the colors inside will sparkle. If you aren’t interested in rainbow ornaments, just remove the colors that you don’t want.

Give Texture to Handmade Cards

Orts are a great way to take handmade cards to the next level. They add texture and make your cards pop. To make a handmade card that will be treasured, follow these steps:

  • Take a card that has some design, or picture on it and decide which images you want to color with your orts.
  • Take an ort, using a pair of tweezers dip into clear-drying craft glue.
  • Take the ort with the glue on it and use it to outline an image. Use a pair of scissors to clip off any excess.
  • Once an image is completely outlined using an ort, fill in the inside with cut pieces of ort that have also been dipped in glue.

The fiber adds depth to your picture giving it a cool 3D effect. You can also try this on things besides cards. If you have a scrapbook, invitations or any other type of paper material that you want to stand out, you can use this method. Make sure that you use paper that is thick. The glue may compromise the integrity of paper that is too thin.

Tie Them Together

Orts can also be tied end to end to make a workable fiber to knit or crochet with. It could take a considerable amount of time to amass enough orts to do even a small project. However, having a single project made from all the ort you have collected over the years can make for an endearing project.

If none of these projects sound interesting to you, you can always donate your orts to other fiber artists who can make use out of them. They make seem like insignificant scraps but over time, those scraps can add up to quite a bit of material. Why waste it when there are some many uses for it?

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