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About Business Databases

As a headstrong, ambitious, naive, 20-something-year-old, I decided to put my entrepreneurial creativity to the test and start my own company. The aim of my company was to promote healthy living in the workplace, especially among companies whose employees are sedentary for most of the day.

While our goal was noteworthy, our business model was not. Even though the service we offered was beneficial, it was tough to obtain clients. My few employees struggled and struggled until they lost their ambition. At that time in my life, I did not fully understand the value of motivation. It was only when talented employees began to leave my startup that I began to ponder the importance of motivation.

In the end, my ambitious startup went belly up. Without the motivated employees needed to get a startup off the ground, my company shut its doors for good. After that, I joined a successful marketing and consulting firm. From the moment I walked through the door on my first day of work, I could sense an air of success. Unlike in my startup, the employees exuded confidence and accomplishment.

As I worked under a magnificent boss, I came to the realization that confidence is a byproduct of motivation. The managers at that company had the gift of motivating others, and it permeated every action and every consultation my fellow employees made.

After fifteen years with that company, I once again decided to start my own business. Will there were some growing pains, I now knew how to motivate and encourage my employees. By offering incentives and boosting morale, I was able to create camaraderie and accountability in the workplace. The second time around, my startup company was highly successful, and my employees and I enjoyed a nice paycheck.

I am so grateful I learned the key to motivating employees; it has been the difference between failure and success in the business world. And after all these years of learning about it, I decided to write about it in a blog. I hope my information can help you.

While I want to focus most on how to motivate your employees, I’ll have friends post all over the blog about other aspects of business. Consider this site your database for all things business. Use it to learn how to motivate, foster continued learning in the workplace, and ultimately achieve success in your business.