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Insurance Types For Your Stored Belongings

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If you are going to store your belongings for an extended period of time, it may be a good idea to consider buying insurance for the items you are storing.  This will help you protect your items in the event of damage that occurs to the storage facility and your valuables.  Typically, the fee for insurance can be combined with the rental fee.  This article will discuss the benefits of investing in insurance.

Low Cost and Low Deductible

If you go with the self-storage facility’s policy, you might be able to save a lot of money on the cost of insuring your valuables.  Sometimes you can get $2,000 to $10,000 of coverage for a monthly fee of $10 to $40. 

This can cover damage to your items in incidents involving fire, water damage, and/or theft.  This a great option if you are going to store your items there for an extended period of time. 

Separate Deductible

Typically, claims are filed through the storage facility’s insurance company, which means the claims won’t have any impact on the amount you pay for your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  It will also not cause your business or personal policy to be cancelled. 

In-Transit Coverage

In some cases, the insurance policy will cover any items that are harmed while being transported.  This is something that would not be provided by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.  If you are going to transport your items over a long distance, this could definitely come in handy since you never know what can happen on the road. 

Supplemental Coverage

If you already have homeowner’s, renters or business insurance, they may provide a decent amount of coverage.  Investing in the insurance that the company offers is still worth the money due to the fact that it can offer a good supplemental coverage for your belongings. 

The majority of items that are usually stored are covered by the self-storage insurance policy.  One major exception is vehicles.  Most storage facilities like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc will require vehicles that are being stored to be covered by an auto insurance policy.  They will require proof of insurance when you sign the rental lease.  Make sure you review the tenant insurance policy thoroughly to make sure that you have a full understanding of what is covered and what is not. 

If you are storing items for a long period of time, make sure you find out what your insurance options are.  It will provide protection for your valuable items.  

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Staying Functional And Efficient – Understanding Building Automation Systems

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If you are looking to enhance the working environment of your office or industrial facility, a building automation system can be a great way to do so. Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of the improvements in automation systems, and as such, are allowing their productivity and success to suffer.

Below, you will find a guide to some of the advancements and options in building automation systems. Using this information, you will be able to successfully evaluate the needs and possibilities for your company. That information can lead to decision making that will help your company stay on the cutting edge and enhance your success far into the future.

Control Options

When you look to automate your office operations, your first choice should always be to automate those operations whose needs are the most consistently predictable. For this reason, most building automation systems are focused on components of your heating and air conditioning systems, allowing you to maintain a temperature that is both comfortable for your workers and also meets the needs of your industrial processes.

Your automation system can also be applied to physical security components such as lighting, video surveillance, door access, and fire alarm systems. This will allow you to maintain a consistent, predictable environment that will generate a productive workspace. It will also guarantee your facility remains secure and stable, and any changes in that security can be logged and noted.

Advances in Systems

Automation systems have a much longer history than many may realize. While some automation has existed for decades, modern technological advances allow for direct integration into the system and can offer you the chance to make changes on the fly. 

Building automation has spurred the creation of open communication systems that allow you to both operate your building and communicate with maintenance and manufacturers. This guarantees that you will be able to oversee the functions of your building at all times.

Options in Installation

Many operators of office and industrial facilities may want to install building automation systems themselves in order to cut costs and provide for more direct knowledge about the operations of the system. However, it is nearly always best to leave the installation process to professionals, as it allows for superior integration and utilizes stronger engineering.

Your automation installer is also likely to be certified in green technology, allowing you to make your facility much more energy efficient. This will cut down on costs in the long run, more than making up for the expense of having a skilled, thorough installation.

For more information about automated systems, contact a company like Control Depot Inc.

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Finding The Funds To Honor A Loved One

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Losing a loved one can come as a unexpected shock, and the necessary fees associated with the following funeral, burial, and services can come just as shockingly. Research from the National Funeral Directors Association reports that the median modern funeral costs over $7,000. While you certainly want to honor your loved one in a spectacular way, it can often be overwhelming to try to figure out exactly how to pay for all of the expenses.  Continue reading to learn more about what options you have to help pay for the funeral arrangements:

Government Assistance

In certain situations, you can actually qualify for government-funded assistance in your time of need.  While there may be government-funded programs in your local area to take advantage of, you can also research the following national programs that assist grieving families with the funeral process:

  1. Apply for lump sum death benefits via Social Security if you are a surviving spouse (or child under eighteen).  You will need to provide a death certificate and be prepared to answer several questions to complete the process, including knowing the social security number and brief history (any military work, railroad industry, etc), so be prepared with this information when you call.
  2. If your loved one was a service member in the military, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs may be able to help with monetary compensation.  

Utilizing Friends and Family

When planning the funeral, keep in mind that you do not need to buy every single funeral option available.  It’s your choice and your right as the surviving family member to choose which services you want to invest in and which may not apply to you.  By cutting out some parts of the process that you may find unnecessary, you’ll save money that can be best used on something else.

Additionally, you may want to consider setting up an online fundraising page to allow others to donate monetarily to the funeral expenses.  While that may seem awkward or like something you don’t want to do, consider the possibility that extended family members and friends may see it as the perfect way to honor your loved one.  While they may not initially know how to help with your loss, giving them the option to help fundraise for the memorial service can act as a way for them to get involved with the process.

For additional information, visit Taylor Funeral Home.

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Hot Idea: Fire Prevention Gift Basket For College Students

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When your child is starting college or just settling in a new home, you help make sure they have what they need. You buy towels, dishes, sheets, and cleaning products. But one of the best gifts of love you can give is often forgotten. Making sure your child has fire safety products, like a fire extinguisher and working smoke alarms, for their new home is a gift of love.

Fire Statistics Don’t Lie

Since 2000 in the U.S., 86 fatal fires have occurred on or near college student housing. In those fires, 123 people died. For most of the fires, the cause was never determined or was accidental. More than 80% of the fires occurred in off campus housing, such as apartments and duplexes. The rest occurred at dorms or Greek housing. In dorm housing, it’s more likely that there will be working fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and regularly scheduled fire drills, resulting in fewer deaths.

Some of the main causes of fire among college housing are:

  • fires involving stove cooking, or metals in microwaves
  • unattended or forgotten candles
  • smoking
  • electrical fires, such as overloaded outlets

Many students are on their own for the first time without the watchful eyes of their parents. The last time they had any fire safety lesson was when they learned “Stop, Drop, and Roll” and what Smokey does to prevent forest fires. After all these years, will they remember what to do in a house fire?

Fire Prevention Week

The second week in October each year is “Fire Prevention Week.” If you didn’t send your child off with fire safety products before, this is a great time to do it. Make up a “fire safety” gift basket to show your love. Include safety products and fun items too. Some things to consider including are:

  • apartment sized fire extinguisher
  • smoke alarm, or batteries for existing unit
  • home safety “fire blanket” for kitchen
  • red devil, or Smokey, stuffed animal
  • cinnamon “hot” candies
  • cinnamon gum
  • flameless candles
  • firefighter of the month calendar (they have them for girls and guys!)
  • fire prevention coloring book and crayons (they’re still your kids!)

Tie with a big red bow and give it to them on your next visit.

Your child will probably roll his or her eyes at you because you are still watching out for them as an adult. But, let them roll. You’ll feel better knowing they’ve been reminded and prepared. Let them know about services like the Tri County Fire Protection of the Roaring Fork Valley.

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job

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So you didn’t get hired for the job you interviewed last week. Now what? Your first step is to analyze why you didn’t get the job in the first place. Here are a few mistakes you might have made in your interview and ways you can correct them in future interviews.

Mistake #1: You didn’t show any understanding for the company.

No employer wants to start talking to you during an interview only to find that you do not have any idea of the position you applied for. In fact, it is going to hurt you if you do not know at least a little bit about the company. You should have some concept of the services and products offered by the company.

Mistake #2: You don’t seem to have any passion.

It is hard to get hired if you do not show that you are intrigued by the position. This is especially the case if you talk about past jobs as simple ways to make money rather than projects you participated in because you cared about them.

Mistake #3: You didn’t follow directions.

Perhaps the company you applied for asked that each person send in a resume without a cover letter, but you attached one anyway. Maybe you didn’t fill out the company’s online application correctly. These little errors might seem minor to you. To an employer, this speaks to your inability to follow clear instructions. Don’t doom yourself before the interview even starts.

Mistake #4: You didn’t ask any questions.

One great question to consider would be, “What are your company’s current challenges, and how would I help you confront them in this position?” If you don’t ask questions about the work environment and your potential employer, you might appear to lack passion. You aren’t going to come off as somebody who is intrigued by the position.

Mistake #5: You were too clingy after the interview.

Maybe after the job interview you called the employer four times and sent six emails wondering when you would hear back from them. There is nothing wrong with a follow-up email, but there is a point when the communication becomes a bit too much. Keep it short and simple.

According to Forbes, only about 20% of job applicants actually receive a job interview after submitting an application and resume. Once you land the interview, you must not make any mistakes that could land you in the dog house. Another great option would be to contact a temporary staffing agency like BIRK Staffing & Technical Services to see if you’ll make a good fit.

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Surprising Things Your Background Check Results May Reveal About You

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Everyone knows what the purpose of a pre-employment background check is: to search your name through police files and determine whether or not you have a criminal history. However, background checks reveal more than just your criminal past. In fact, there are many things that your employers can find out about you with a simple background check, and some of the things they discover may come as a surprise to you. They may even ask for your fingerprints, in which case a company such as Fingerprinting Pros will come in handy. Here are some shocking pieces of information that may be provided to your future employer with the help of a background check:

Application Fibs

Your background check results can quickly tell your boss whether or not you’ve lied on your job application. One easy way for your boss to tell whether or not you lied is simply by comparing the questions asked on the application with the information on your background check. If your background check results show that you have been convicted of a felony, for instance, and you answer “no” to the question about felony convictions on your application, the boss will probably not hire you, because they may see you as untrustworthy: you lied on the application, so how do they know you won’t lie about other things later on?

Education Information

Believe it or not, the system used to conduct a background check on you can verify all of the locations that you have ever attended school. This is because the employer or background screening company runs your social security number through the system, and it will pull up almost every result that is tied to that number. Since you generally have to provide your social security number when registering for school, your employer can quickly tell what school you attended, and even in some instances, what your major was.

Credit History

Many employers now look at credit history as a factor of employment, and this will also be provided on your background check. Depending on how extensive of a check the employer wants to make, he or she can quickly see how responsible you are with your money, which in turn can help the company determine if you will be more of a risk than a benefit if hired.

Your Driving Record

If you plan on getting a job as a driver for a company, you may want to make sure that your driving record is squeaky-clean. Such companies almost always do a thorough, comprehensive report on the people they are planning to hire. If a DUI charge or other traffic violations show up on your background check results, the company may be rather reluctant to hire you.

Background checks can certainly affect you in many ways that you were unaware of. If you are concerned that there may be some damaging content in your background, you may want to consider running a check on yourself before you submit that employment application. That way, you can clear up anything that is false or misleading in the report, and your future employer will have a much better impression of you upon reading your application.

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