Boost the morale of your business with these tips.

Showing Care in the Workplace

Get to Know Them

The greatest way to show your employees that you care is to get to know them. If you do not take the time to get to know them on an individual level, then any word of care you utter will be unsupported. The old adage “Actions speak louder than words” is never truer than it is in the workforce. While saying “Thank you for all your hard work” is nice, showing your gratitude on a personal level is far better.

Even knowing simple details about the lives and interests of your employees will pay huge dividends. If your company is too large for you to get to know every member of your workforce, make sure that the managers and directors under you get to personally know the employees under their supervision. As you do so, you will notice added motivation among your employees. Every person wants to know they are valued and appreciated, and they will work more diligently when they feel needed.

Begin to get to know your employees by asking about their families. Learn how many children each employee has and how old each child is. Then find out what your employees like to do with their families. These are the key elements upon which you will build a foundation of trust. Everyone is proud of their family, so asking simple questions such as “How are your children?” and “Did you do anything fun with your family this weekend?” will invoke feelings of motivation and joy within your employees. These positive emotions will carry over into their work. Plus, they will see that you are more than just an authority figure; you are a coworker who truly cares.

Take Feedback Seriously

When you take the time to get to know your employees, they will feel comfortable coming to you with their problems and recommendations. By fostering open communication, you will create a fusion of fresh ideas. The more feedback you get, the better grasp you will have on company morale.

When you do receive feedback, be sure you take it seriously. Look into ways to satisfy employee demands if they are reasonable, and be open to their ideas for improving the company. Your employees might have a different perspective than you, as they work on different tasks than you do in the business. So hear them out and allow them to comfortably approach you about ideas.